Ben Folds Experience 2008

15/May/2007 - 10:40

Ben Folds Experience 2008 info released!Details of the Ben Folds Experience went out today and - as some people had hoped - it's a cruise!

The 'Carnival Imagination' sets sail from Miami, Florida on the 21st of February. From there, we'll have a full day of live music, spa, casino and internet café before landing into Ocho Rios, Jamaica on Saturday. A quick day there and it's back to another full party day on Sunday before landing back in Florida on Monday morning.
Fees include entertainment, but anyone under 21 will have to either find someone over 25 to travel with, or get married. I recommend the former.

Those of you who signed up for information early can get on the presale (on sale Weds 30th May), and everyone else can get in on the action on Monday 11th June.

All the info, deck plans, prices and whatnot can be found at

Hooks-up for a Suburban pirate party! Yargh!

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