Ben Folds DVDs will see UK Release

6/February/2007 - 12:50

Ben Folds Live At Myspace DVD Cover - UK release date!Well, I don't know about you, but I've had a successful day! This past week I've been trying to find out if Ben's upcoming DVD of his MySpace gig will be released in the UK (it's coming to the US on Feb 20th) before posting a definite 'yay' or 'nay' here for y'all. I thought the best bet was to call Sony/BMG UK directly and see what's up.

Well, they've just rung me back. Prompted by my call last week, they had a look and found that the UK office was unaware of the MySpace DVD. In fact, they hadn't even realised he'd been on tour recently. Labels, eh?

Anyway, the good news is they decided to address the situation. They called a meeting and decided to give the MySpace DVD a UK release! He couldn't give me a date, but it should be in shops "towards the end of this month, or perhaps in March".

Good result, eh? Well, it gets better. While seeking info on the MySpace DVD, they discovered the rest of his catalogue that hasn't been released in the UK, and have made a formal decision to go back and release the lot!

They'll be issuing a press release soon with the full details, but for now UK fans can look forward to filling in any gaps in their collection in proper PAL Region 2 format. Result! Needless to say the power has gone right to my head and I'll now be calling the American division to get the lost final BFF album demos released. ;)

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