1/September/2001 - 19:18

Yes, I'm finally back from my holiday.

For those of you that didn't notice: Hi. My name's Andy, and I've been internetless in Cyprus for the past two weeks.

So, busy busy eh? So much news that has gone unreported on this page. To catch up, you'd better go here, hadn't you?

Additionally, we now have information on the UK RtS singles!

Both CD1 and CD2 will feature a version of the Rockin' the Suburbs video ready to be played via a computer, one with the clean edit and the other with the "normal" edit. CD2 will feature the tracks from the Australian single One Down and The Secret Life of Morgan Davis. The other CD will contain unreleased tracks, including Make Me Mommy, that Ben has mentioned in interviews!

Tracklistings as follows:

Rockin' The Suburbs (Part 1)
1.Rockin' The Suburbs (Clean Radio Edit)
3.Make Me Mommy
4.Rockin' The Suburbs (CD-ROM Video Clean Version)

Rockin' The Suburbs (Part 2)
1.Rockin' The Suburbs
2.One Down
3.The Secret Life Of Morgan Davis
4.Rockin' The Suburbs (CD-ROM Video Original Version)

Thanks to Aaron for that!

That is all for now. So much news! I maybe move some things over to the new space in preparation for the redesign, but we'll see.

- (An untanned but freckly) Andy

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