Australia gets "Songs for Silverman" early. And a DVD. And a booklet.

11/February/2005 - 10:02

Looks like all you Australians out there who felt deprived over Ben's limited tour schedule can finally sit back and chuckle knowingly amongst yourselves. It seems like not only will you be getting "Songs for Silverman", like, 2 weeks earlier than the US (and 2 days before Japan!), you'll also be able to pick up a DVD and booklet in the deal.

An article on the Sony Australia website has confirmed that the album will be released on April 11th, with a "Special Edition" also available sporting a "45 minute DVD of 'in-the-studio' and live footage" and "an extensive 40 page booklet".

The article also mentions that the single "Landed" will hit stores in April, and is in rotation on everyone's favourite station "Triple J" (but then, we already knew that, didn't we?).

Many thanks to Chris for posting that!

PS Get your thinking caps on - Benvivor IV *BUMPER ROUND* will be posted today!

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