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5/June/2002 - 17:18

You really thought we'd have a whole month with no updates?

Ben's marketing website, 'Girlie Action', has been updated with lots and lots of new news!


• Keep an eye out for Ben’s speaking role (no music) in Apple’s new I-Book TV ad campaign.
• Ben has recorded a cover of the Jackson Browne classic "Doctor My Eyes" for the new Susan Sarandon/Goldie Hawn film, Bangor Sisters, coming out in September. A CD soundtrack is simultaneously slated for release on Combustion.
• Ben is writing, recording, and performing the musical parts of the opening sequence to MTV’s 2002 Movie Awards. Lyrics to be sung by Tenacious D’s Jack Black.


Ben will also appear on Last Call with Carson Daly airing on June 13th.

Many thanks to the News Board Gang... keeping the ball rolling whilst us admins are off slacking. :-D

Also, many thanks to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday for yesterday. Y'all rule and I've put a little run down of the big day on the General Board.

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