Additional UK Date Added!

17/April/2008 - 21:01

Can't get to any of the other UK dates? Live near Nottingham? You're in luck because Ben (or rather, Ben's peeps) have added a new date to the tour - July 7th at Rock City.

Live nowhere near Nottingham? You're in luck too, because a couple of dates have sprung up in Japan. The guys will be playing at Fuji Rocks, Niigata on both the 22nd and 27th July. You're right - five days is a fair old interval. More Japanese dates? Possible dip southwards to Australia? Or maybe just a holiday? Stay tuned.

Ah, also, before I forget the Bristol date changed to the 13th July. Sorry I was a bit late on that one.

Oh, and don't forget all logged in members of the boards can add themselves to whichever dates they are attending. Anyone want to plan a UK Suburbs meet-up this time round?

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