2015 Will Bring a New Ben Folds Record

23/January/2015 - 0:37

In a Facebook Post and YouTube Video today, Ben outlined a new album project that we here at theBurbs are excited about! 


Ben says it all best, but here's the run down. 

New album will be with a New York sextet called yMusic. The album is expected to be a four sided vinyl record with side D being the concerto many of us have been lucky to see live across the United States and Australia over the past year. The other 10 songs or so will be pop songs with yMusic, but will have no bass and slim to nil drums. Check out the video linked above to meet the band (while they're bowling) and to hear a little snippet of what is presumed to be a song. Ben calls these songs pop songs if you call what his catalogue already is pop songs. 


In Ben's post there was no timeline for the release, the video says "some f*cking time this year" but does mention he expects by September. Though, labels can postpone and do what they want really with release dates so we'll keep you updated. He also mentions a TOUR in April. We already know of one date in Dublin and that Ben and yMusic will be playing Manchester, TN's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this summer. Keep checking back for more dates (because as usual we're more up to date than the official site!)


ALSO if you haven't heard Studio A has been saved officially and will be denoted as a National Treasure! 


Darren is still on tour with Sharon Van Etten, and it has postponed the apparently finished fourth Hotel Lights record. No knoweldge there about when that may ever see the light of day.


In the rumor mill, Robert is interested in a solo record, but that may be all that ever amounts to, though I would be crazy intrested. 

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