Dr. Yang

Original Artist: Ben Folds


Hey Dr. Yin
Chain-smoking Chinese centenarian
Deck my back with pins
Connect the wires and plug me in


Hey, Love Master Z
Sexy online psychic overseas
When my bank card clears
Tell me things I want to hear

Yeah, Yeah

Well I might be dyin'
Or maybe I got too much time
I can't stop my mind
It's runnin' right
With these false teeth
And these plastic knees
Go squeak, squeak, squeak
From the porch to the street

Hey Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey Hey

Hey Dr. Jack
Bend me like a pretzel till I crack
All my joints and bones
Beat me up and send me home


I've got too much time
Baby may I might be dyin'
Got to help me fallin' doctor
Got to help me fallin'

Hey Dr. Yang


31 known live performances.
First performed: 2008-09-25 - Bank of America City Center (WBRU Dunkin Donuts Concert Series), Providence, RI, US.
Most recently performed: 2016-10-07 - Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead, Munhall, PA, US.