Because the Origami

Original Artist: Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash

Because the Origami didnít work
We gave you dancing lessons
Because the dancing lessons made you bored
We bought you a guitar

Because you said it made your fingers sore
We found you a pony
Because the pony broke your leg and ran away
We got you drums

But the drums annoyed our neighbours so
We gave you cooking lessons
And the cooking lessons made you fat
We bought you running shoes

If you hear this
We love you Tommy
We know it never was
about Origami

Because you took the shoes and ran away
We gave them your description
Now we havenít heard a thing in weeks

Because we donít know where you are
Weíre putting out this song
Because we think that you might hear
And know where you belong
So what did we do wrong?

If you hear this
we love you Tommy
Please come home weíve
left your room

And if you ever hear this song
Know we send our love
Take your origami skills
And make a paper dove
Send a message home
We promise not to teach you
We donít care what youíve done
We hope that this will reach you..

If you hear this,
We love you Tommy
We wonít ask you
We wonít be angry