Your Redneck Past

Original Artist: Ben Folds

Choose from any number of magazines,
Who do you want to be?
Billy Idol or Kool Moe Dee?

If you're afraid they might discover your redneck past,
There are a hundred ways to cover your redneck past,
They'll never send you home.

The funny limbs that grow underground,
That keep you from falling down,
Don't you think that you need 'em now?

Just find a place where no one knows of your redneck past,
Yeah you can easily dispose of your redneck past,
You'll show them all back home.

Je suis Américain,
Please cook my steak again,
Je suis Américain,
Je ne parle pas Français

Laws vary from state to state,
Get you some books on tape,
To learn about holes in space.

If you're afraid they might uncover your redneck ass,
There are a hundred ways to cover your redneck past.
It's good to be back home.


3 known live performances.
First performed: 2003-01-11 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI, USA.
Most recently performed: 2017-09-24 - The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, US.