The Ultimate Sacrifice

Original Artist: Ben Folds, Jessee, Sledge

Now are you ready to rock?
Now brace yourself,
Brace your fat asses,
For some gut wrenching metal.

It's time for the Ultimate Sacrifice.

The final hour is approaching.
The Ultimate Sacrifice.
The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Oh god.

Here I sit,
Broken hearted,
Came to shit,
But only...

The Ultimate Sacrifice.
Heavy Metal,
It's too late to cry,
I said it's too late to,

It's too late,
No supper for you.
The final hour is approacheth.
The Ultimate Sacrifice.


16 known live performances.
First performed: 2002-03-18 - The Big Easy, Boise, ID, USA.
Most recently performed: 2004-06-29 - Wolf Trap, Vienne, VA, US.