Sports & Wine

Original Artist: Ben Folds

Destiny was calling,
Monday afternoon,
Wednesday you'll be crawling and you'll pray you'll be there soon,
With sports and wine,
Sports and wine.

Some men never grew up fortunate like you,
Some men never found out what it takes to be a dude,
That's Sports and Wine,
Sports and Wine.

The girls don't understand it,
What you think is art,
My oh my we're all impressed how sensitive you are,
Everybody's talking 'bout you now,
You know it's true.
'Cause it always has been sports and wine for you.

So you ask me how I think I know just what makes you tick,
I know what I know you know,
I know you make me sick,
And Sports and wine,
Sports and wine.

Girls don't understand it,
Anything you say,
I don't understand it either I guess that makes me gay,
Everybody's talking about you now,
You know it's true.