theSuburbs talks to Jared Reynolds

2005-07-15 - Fresh from the May/June european tour, and taking some time off from being a full-time dad/producer/monster of rock, Ben's bassist Jared Reynolds answers a few questions about how the whole thing came about, and life on the road with Ben.

Who are you, and where are you?

A doting father sitting on my couch in Nashville, Tn.

How'd you like Europe? Is it much different from touring in the US?

I love it. I'm sure you all hear a lot of dumbass Americans talking about how old things are there, but it's fascinating. Ben, Lins and I went to the Kenilworth castle before our gig in Coventry and were blown away. I'm a history buff so I love that shit. We took some old G.I. Joe dolls and set them up and took pictures as if they were storming the castle. We're kinda like nerds on acid.

How did you end up collaborating with Ben?

I met Ben about three or four years ago through my good friend Marc Chevalier (Ben's previous sound engineer) and we would hang every once in a while. We all live in the same neighborhood so we would always see each other around. Last summer he saw me sitting in on bass with Lindsay's band (Astronaut Pushers) and called me the next day to get together and play. We jammed for a few days and it worked. Basically, I got real lucky.

Were you a Ben fan before you met?

Definitely. Although (the diehards will hate me for this) I really got into him when RTS came out. I was on tour and bought the record and listened to it incessantly. I went to see him a few times on the solo tour and was absolutely flabbergasted at what he was doing with just a piano. I remember being in college when Brick was a hit and thought it was a cool new sound but i was too busy sitting around my apartment getting high to pay any attention to the outside world. I listen to WAEA or Reinhold now and am in awe of the stuff they did.

Ultimately it's Ben's name on the cover, but how much do you feel you
influenced 'Silverman'? - apart from, y'know, getting him to re-record most
of it.

Well, we didn't really get him to re-record the record. I think he decided to do that once we started playing together. Mainly, I played bass like I play bass - if you can call that an influence. Ben's ultra democratic and we were always welcome to give our ideas and opinions, but ultimately as the producer and songwriter he had the final say. Nevertheless it was a very easygoing and collaborative process. I did tell him that Chai tea has caffeine in it and introduced him to Bucky Baxter, though. We have a good time and work really well together.

You play a lot of Ben's back catalogue - did you learn it from the CDs, Ben, or are you just a very good bluffer?

A little of all three depending on the situation. When Ben wants to learn an old song I usually sit down with the cd first to get familiar with it. Even though there's usually not time to learn it note for note, I try to glean the integral parts and go from there.

What's your favourite 'old' (ie non-Silverman) Folds song you've played?

Missing the War, even though the last time we played it I had forgotten a lot of the chords. I love playing Summer B. (it's a fucking great song) and seeing how fast we can play OAD without falling apart. They're all fun. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I'm playing these great songs with the guy who wrote them instead of a cover band.


What *do* you guys get up to when Ben's doing his solo set?

Smoke cigarettes with Joe D [Ben's tour manager].

You have some other projects on the go, haven't you?

My band Ole Mossy Face is getting ready to release an EP in a couple of months and I'm hopefully gonna remaster and release the never released album from my first band Pumpskully. Since I produced The Clutters record (T&C) I'm hoping to do more production work. There's an amazing indie rock scene in Nashville right now and I'm very proud that i get to play/record with alot of these people. This week I'm hoping to start a sludgy, big riff Satan kind of band.

Playing as part of a piano-bass-drums combo seems quite different from your
other lineups - how are you finding it?

Pretty fucking cool. I get to be the guitarist and hang my balls out a little more than I would if there were guitars. I only miss the guitar players when Ben starts to make something up onstage and I can't look at anyone's hand to find the key center.

What's next for Mr. Reynolds? Will Folds fans be seeing more of you?

Touring, touring, and more touring. I'll be there until Ben moves on to the next thing or he simply gets tired of my silly old ass.

Finally, the question on every fan's lips: Why did you throw up on the roof of BBC Scotland?

It was actually BBC London. Bad steak tartare in Edinburgh a few nights before. Fucking disgusting. I'm gonna puke again right now. See ya.

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