Carrying Cathy music video

This fan-made music video was created by Brian Ellis while studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design using a combination of watercolour painting and flash animation.

It is approximately 7MB so please be patient if trying to view over a slower connection.

Thanks, of course, to Brian Ellis for creating this animation and donating it to theSuburbs.

Q&A with the creator, Brian Ellis

How long did it take?

It was part of a 10-week class with Flash, and this was the final project for the class. It took about three intensive weekends to complete, and most of that time was spent using Adobe Illustrator to make the characters and Procreat Painter for the backgrounds. Animating in Flash itself only took two days or so (assuming anyone who reads this recognizes what artsy fartsy programs I'm talking about).

Will you animate another Ben Folds song?

I'd love to. I don't have to tell any of you that he has a lot of great ones. But this was for a class, and there's nothing like having a definite deadline and your academic success riding on a project to make sure it gets done.
Throughout the history of mankind, billions of trillions of good ideas have been thought up, but only .000000000000000001% have actually gotten done because people had to run away from prehistoric animals, take out their Roman trash, or gotten lazy/polio during WW2. It's the ones that get done that are remembered though, I suppose.
But yeah, I'd love to do another song, but there's more to be done before then. I guess I'll just add it to "the list".

What are the hamsters names?

Originally "male hamster" and "female hamster", but long names are a pain to type out over and over again in Flash. So then, for about four seconds, the names of the two hamsters I had when I was eight, before I said "Wow, if I name them this, it means I probably need therapy to deal with repressed hamster memories". Hence, they eventually were named "Ben" and "Cathy", for reasons I'm sure you guys can figure out.

What did you score for this project?

Heh, needless to say, I got an 'A'.