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News Archive

Ben Folds Teams Up with Cake this Summer - 2/April/2018

Ben Folds March Madness 2018 - 4/March/2018

Fall Tour Announced and Ben Joins the National Symphony as Artistic Advisor - 12/June/2017

Ben Folds March Madness Coming Soon - 21/February/2017

New Message Board! - 24/August/2016

"So There" goes straight to number 1 - 26/September/2015

New album "So There" with yMusic is out! - 19/September/2015

Preorder For 'So There' Begins Plus "Phone in a Pool" - 14/July/2015

'So There,' forthcoming Ben Folds record, due out September 11, 2015 - 8/June/2015

2015 Will Bring a New Ben Folds Record - 23/January/2015

RCA Studio A Is Bought. Ben is Vacating in November. - 1/August/2014

RCA Studio A May Be Acquired By Developers - 25/June/2014

Ben's Super Busy! Darren's Busy! Robert's Busy! We're Busy! - 6/February/2014

New Country Song from Ben Folds called "Broken Piano" - 4/September/2013

Watch Ben Folds Five's "Sky High" video - 11/July/2013

Live Album Released, Summer Tour Begins! - 19/June/2013

Ben Folds Five Live Released June 4. Summer Tour Follows - 16/April/2013

Summer Tour and BF5 Live - 9/March/2013

Ben Folds Five hitting a few TV Spots - 30/January/2013

BF5 on BBC6 on December 6. Some Possible Things .... - 7/December/2012

Ben Folds Five on Jimmy Kimmel - AUS and UK tours SOON - 6/November/2012

Watch Ben Folds Five on The Colbert Report - 2/October/2012

Recap of Ben Folds (and us) on BBC 6Music! - 24/September/2012

Help Ben Folds take control of BBC 6Music! - 21/September/2012

Ben Folds Five "Do It Anyway" music video - 17/September/2012

"The Sound of the Life of the Mind" released to pledgers! - 12/September/2012

Get "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" tomorrow! - 11/September/2012

Three More Songs From TSOTLOTM For Your Listening Pleasure! - 7/September/2012

Ben Folds Five record music video at Henson Studios - 19/August/2012

Listen to TSOTLOTM samples now! - 30/July/2012

Ben Folds Five - The Sound of the Life of the Mind announced - 14/July/2012

Ben Folds FIVE ALBUM! - 11/July/2012

Ben Folds Five album PRESALE - 7/May/2012

Download new Ben Folds Five track "Do It Anyway" - 5/May/2012

August Release and World Wide Ben Folds Five Tour! - 25/April/2012

First Ben Folds Five Dates Emerge - 14/February/2012

Ben to perform at Apple Store, NYC on Thursday - 18/October/2011

Ben gets inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame - 14/October/2011

Own A Key From Ben's Piano - 8/October/2011

Ben Folds 55 Vault goes live! - 6/October/2011

"Best Imitation" Retrospective Video Preview - 20/September/2011

Amazon reveals more details about 'House' - 12/September/2011

Ben Folds Five reuniting for "some gigs"! - 6/September/2011

"Tell Me What I Did" recording hits the net! - 30/August/2011

New Ben Folds Five song "House" - 17/August/2011

8in8 and Some More Tour Dates - 29/April/2011


Finally - UK Tour Dates! 2011 - 11/November/2010

OUT TODAY - 28/September/2010

TWO WEEKS - 14/September/2010

Lonely Avenue Sneak Peeks - 16/July/2010

Foldsby Record: Lonely Avenue - 15/June/2010

Foldsby Record, Touring, and Joe D's Merch - 2/March/2010

Ben Folds and The Sing-Off - 12/December/2009

One Show Left This Year and Snuzz Fest All This Week! - 5/November/2009

More Updates (Foldsby and Snuzz) - 1/October/2009

Foldsby Project Updates, As Well As People From Ben's Past - 19/August/2009

First Hornby/Folds Song to be Played Live - 13/July/2009

Folds/Hornby Record Making Some Important Steps - 9/June/2009

Here's the Upcoming Schedule of Ben Folds Dates - 3/June/2009

Good News for Australia - 27/May/2009

Finally.... Ben Folds is on Twitter - 25/May/2009

Everyone Poops* (Burbs Chat with Ben and Co) - 29/April/2009

Chat is fast approaching - 28/April/2009

Don't Change Your Plans for Me.... but Change them for Ben. - 28/April/2009

Details on our Ben chat - 27/April/2009

Ben on NPR Weekend Sunday Edition - 26/April/2009

Questions for and Answers from Ben Folds - 18/April/2009

Chaos on the Internet - 7/April/2009

Ben Folds answers Fan Questions - 6/April/2009

Ben on WNYC - Info and Download - 26/March/2009

Ben on WNYC Today - 26/March/2009

Stems & Seeds Remix Competition - 17/March/2009

UPDATE: No Reunion Footage on 'Best Of' DVD! - 10/March/2009

Ben Folds Best Of features Reunion Footage - 10/March/2009

Many More Spring '09 Tour Dates! - 4/March/2009

A Cappella gets release date, Reunion DVD on back burner. - 2/March/2009

Stems & Seeds Arrives to Fan Club - 17/February/2009

Ben on the Radio this afternoon - 16/February/2009

Remastered Album! Stems and Seeds! Free! - 15/December/2008

1,000,000 - 18/November/2008

Counting Crows postpone UK tour - 6/November/2008

Ipswich Gig postponed - 4/November/2008

WtN Production Values - Ben Responds - 3/November/2008

WtN Production Values - I Can't Get Behind That! - 30/October/2008


Ben to release A Capella CD of Ben Covers - 12/October/2008

First Ben Folds Five Reunion Videos Appear - 8/October/2008

Download the first bootleg of the new tour - 7/October/2008

Ben on Conan O'Brien - 1/October/2008

New Official Site and Fan Club launched - 30/September/2008

Way to Normal released! - 29/September/2008

Reunion DVD Looks Likely! - 27/September/2008

Want a DVD of the BFF Reunion? Better Let Them Know! - 25/September/2008

'Way to Normal' Full Preview! - 23/September/2008

theSuburbs Video Collection #1! - 18/September/2008

New UK date, and "Bitch Went Nuts" preview - 17/September/2008

Ben Folds takes over WXPN - 11/September/2008

Ben Folds Five Show Sells Out - 8/September/2008

Did You Just Shit Your Pants? Cause I Sure Did; Ben Folds Five Reunion. - 3/September/2008

Last Post from Ben & Paste Magazine Gives Way to Normal 89/100 - 1/September/2008

I'm Getting A Work Out Updating This Thing - 30/August/2008

Return of Ben with Caps and Vague Information. Ovation TV things, too. - 29/August/2008

Runaway vs Normal Guy? Ben Gives Up All the Answers - 25/August/2008

Download the 'Fake' Ben Folds 'Way to Normal' tracks - 21/August/2008

'Cologne' video now available! - 16/August/2008

Hear previews of the REAL 'Way To Normal' album - 13/August/2008

Ben Folds on Ovation TV - 13/August/2008

Ben confesses to leak on Triple J - 11/August/2008

Ben Folds on Triple J this Tuesday - 10/August/2008

Hiroshima and You Don't Know Me now available on iTunes... - 6/August/2008

Hiroshima the new single - watch the video! - 5/August/2008

Pre-order 'Way to Normal' - FOUR Versions Available! - 4/August/2008

Way to Normal Details Revealed, More US Gigs - 2/August/2008

Way to Normal Cover Art revealed! - 2/August/2008

'Way To Normal' UK Release Date: 29th September - 1/August/2008

Way To Normal tracklisting revealed - 22/July/2008

Counting Crows confirmed as main act for December tour - 21/July/2008

Ben Folds Way To Normal 'Leak' - fake? - 17/July/2008

Far From Normal (aka Way To Confuse Me) - 16/July/2008

New album actually due 30th September - 15/July/2008

Ben Folds supporting Counting Crows for November UK tour dates? - 14/July/2008

Ben on support duty in the UK in November? - 12/July/2008

Ben Folds New Album Details! - 10/July/2008

Additional UK Date Added! - 17/April/2008

UK/European Dates - There's More! - 9/April/2008

UK/European Tour 2008 - 9/April/2008

Anonymous Tip-offs... UK dates? - 7/March/2008

More New Tracks - Hiroshima and Kylie - 5/March/2008

I've Run Out Of Fingers - 27/February/2008

New tour dates - and another Orchestra! - 1/February/2008

My New Year's Resolution - 2/January/2008

To answer a couple of questions... - 21/December/2007

Ben's new album... finished? - 16/November/2007

Ben Heads Into the Studio - 5/September/2007

The Bens set to return? - 13/July/2007

Ben Folds Cruise cancelled! - 6/July/2007

Ben on the radio, and Corn Mo confirmed - 5/June/2007

Ben Folds Experience Pre-Sale information sent out - 1/June/2007

First two bands confirmed for Ben Folds Experience Cruise - 26/May/2007

Ben Folds on Simpsons Movie Soundtrack - 23/May/2007

Ben Folds Experience 2008 - 15/May/2007

More info on Ben and Amanda - 3/May/2007

The Ben Folds Experience - 24/April/2007

Ben Folds working on Amanda Palmer's solo album - 5/April/2007

More Unauthorized Musicology of Ben Folds tonight! - 26/March/2007

US Spring College Tour Kicks Off - 24/March/2007

Ben Folds UK DVD releases get date - 14/March/2007

Ben supports John Mayer this Summer - 13/March/2007

Sam Smith rejoins Ben for Stateside Tour - 6/March/2007

New Ben Folds Fan Club Stuff! - 2/March/2007

Good Times and Best Imitations - 15/February/2007

Ben Folds DVDs will see UK Release - 6/February/2007

Ben Folds on Dutch Radio 3FM - Audio and Video! - 31/January/2007

BBC Podcast, and Dutch Radio Show tomorrow! - 29/January/2007

Ben Rocks Over Europe - 27/January/2007

Ben Folds serves up Ham and Cheese on GMTV - 25/January/2007

No Lindsay in Europe! - 18/January/2007

Ben Folds on UK's GMTV - 16/January/2007

Ben Folds on BBC Radio 2's Jonathan Ross Show! - 13/January/2007

MySpace Concert DVD release date... - 12/January/2007

More Ben Folds gig dates in Europe! - 21/November/2006

Ben Folds UK Tour 2007 - 17/November/2006

Ben to play Wolverhampton on UK tour 2007! - 15/November/2006

Learn To Live With What You Are music video! - 14/November/2006

Ben Folds Premieres New Song! - 13/November/2006

Playin' On The Radio - 9/November/2006

Ben's new album 'mostly done' - 6/November/2006

Dates in Germany, US Tour kicks off, and free CDs! - 3/November/2006

Ben Folds comes to the UK! - 30/October/2006

Ben Kills Himself on Myspace! - 25/October/2006

Webcast Tonight! - 24/October/2006

Learn To Live With What You Argh - 20/October/2006

Ben plays with forks, orchestra. - 8/September/2006

The Unauthorized Musicology of Ben Folds - 1/September/2006

Get Married to Ben - 23/August/2006

And now, for the final word, here's Ben. - 21/August/2006

Supersunnyspeedgraphic - A New Hope? - 21/August/2006

Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP, the tracklisting. - 17/August/2006

'Best Of' Ben Folds, this Saturday - 16/August/2006

Photos of Ben in Japan - 4/August/2006

November tour dates, and an EP title? - 1/August/2006

Benvivor V comes to a close - 20/July/2006

'With Orchestra' cd - AND EPs! - confirmed! - 12/July/2006

Official Bonnaroo footage - 10/July/2006

Ben to release 'Plus Orchestra' CD - 3/July/2006

Get Benviving, and new news! - 27/June/2006

Bonnaroo for You - 23/June/2006

It's back... - 20/June/2006

Watch Ben's Bonnaroo performance from home - 15/June/2006

Ben playing Bonnaroo in June - 1/February/2006

Ben Back in the UK? - 27/January/2006

Ben appears on CBS's 'Love Monkey' - 25/January/2006

Vote for Ben on the Triple J Hottest 100 - 15/January/2006

Fan Clubbers Get Special Gift! - 10/January/2006

Ben on XM Satellite Radio's 'The Loft Sessions' - 21/December/2005

Lindsay recovers! - 14/December/2005

Ben goes solo in Birmingham as Lindsay is ill - 12/December/2005

Ben arrives in the UK - 12/December/2005

Ben Folds and the WASO DVD released. - 8/December/2005

Ben Folds premieres new songs - Download 'em here! - 2/December/2005

Tonight's Gig Cancelled! - 29/November/2005

Ben on PBS tonight! - 29/October/2005

Ben Folds with all kinds of Orchestras - 27/October/2005

Ben Folds Live in Perth with the WASO DVD - 23/October/2005

Ben Folds October/November US tour dates - 8/October/2005

Ben on XFM in an hour! - 4/October/2005

Full 'Jesusland' video now online - 29/September/2005

Praise Be! It's the Jesusland Music Video! - 27/September/2005

Matt Lucas in the 'Jesusland' music video - 19/September/2005

Jesusland remains Unreleased - 19/September/2005

Watch the new video for 'Bastard' - 16/September/2005

Jesusland released in the UK. Allegedly. - 12/September/2005

Fan Club benefits in NYC - 31/August/2005

Ben on CBS after Letterman tonight - 29/August/2005

Hal Leonard's official Songs for Silverman book - 23/August/2005

Ben performs on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 22/August/2005

Fan Club packs sent out - 22/August/2005

WASO DVD release date - 21/August/2005

Ben's Berlin Broadcast - 17/August/2005

More dates with the BSO - 12/August/2005

Ben Folds and an Orchestra - coming to the USA! - 8/August/2005

Jesusland the next UK single - 3/August/2005

iTunes sneaks out a new Ben Folds album - 2/August/2005

theSuburbs talks to... Jared Reynolds! - 15/July/2005

Matt Lucas interviews Ben in NME - 14/July/2005

Fan Club announces more UK dates! - 12/July/2005

Download the 'Rock Version' of Gracie - 12/July/2005

Ben guest-DJs on Delta Air Lines - 12/July/2005

Ben on 'Breakfast with the Arts' this Sunday - 8/July/2005

UK 'tour' confirmed! - 7/July/2005

Official shirts and limited edition poster - 5/July/2005

UK/Australia Tour Theories and Rumours - 5/July/2005

Brick is #13 most depressing song of all time - 29/June/2005

Ben 'live' at - 29/June/2005

Landed played on Wimbledon coverage - 28/June/2005

Download Ben playing Landed on Letterman - 24/June/2005

Ben Folds on Letterman this week - 20/June/2005

Ben back in the UK around Christmas? - 19/June/2005

Ben and Weezer sitting on a stage... - 17/June/2005

Sheffield - the most stunning set yet? - 15/June/2005

UK Tour goes from strength to strength - 12/June/2005

Ben Folds names upcoming soundtrack work - 11/June/2005

Ben Folds on GMTV - Who knew? - 10/June/2005

Sheet music section now online - 8/June/2005

Ben to appear on Ross' Radio 2 show - 7/June/2005

Ben Folds on Channel 4's '4Play' - 6/June/2005

Download Ben Folds on ABC's "The View" - 6/June/2005

UK Tour reviews, pics and more start flooding in - 3/June/2005

ManiaTV kicks of a month of Ben - 3/June/2005

Ben apologises for Ross performance - 2/June/2005

Ben's "1990 demo tape" now online - 30/May/2005

Ben Folds appearing... well... everywhere. - 28/May/2005

Happy Birthday 'Burbs - 27/May/2005

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross now online - 25/May/2005

Ben Folds on 6 music sessions - 24/May/2005

Ben Folds on Jonathan Ross - the aftermath - 23/May/2005

Ben Folds Fan Club details released. - 18/May/2005

Ben Folds "Live at the Tower" EP coming June 7th - 17/May/2005

Ben Folds on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross! - 14/May/2005

Download Ben Folds' appearance on The Morning Sedition (Air America) - 13/May/2005

Ben returns to Air America - 12/May/2005

Ben Folds Tickets - for selling, buying, or swapping! - 10/May/2005

More official Songs for Silverman sheet music - 9/May/2005

"Odd Man Out" tour officially announced - 7/May/2005

Download Ben Folds Landed on the Late Late Show - 6/May/2005

New Ben Folds Landed video on the com - 6/May/2005

Download the Carson Daly performance - 4/May/2005

Ben Folds on Carson Daly airs tonight! - 3/May/2005

New Official UK site - 3/May/2005

Performance on Late Late Show will be, erm, late - 1/May/2005

Silverman revealed! - 29/April/2005

Rufus is the 'odd man out' as two Bens reunite this August - 28/April/2005

Conan performance - now in HD (and without Conan)! - 28/April/2005

Download the Conan performance - 27/April/2005

Join the Official Ben Folds Fan Club - 27/April/2005

SFS Unleashed in the USA. Conan O'Brien alerted. - 26/April/2005

Songs for Silverman released in the UK - 25/April/2005

New official site launched - 24/April/2005

Ben on World Cafe today! - 22/April/2005

"Songs for Goldfish" clips available - 21/April/2005

What's Ben listening to these days? - 20/April/2005

Listen to Songs for Silverman online - 20/April/2005

Tower Records/Virgin performance - 20/April/2005

Songs for Silverman sells splendidly. - 18/April/2005

Get the strings version of "Landed" free! - 14/April/2005

"Quarter in a cup for every block..." - 13/April/2005

The Search for Silverman - 12/April/2005

Watch Ben talking about his photography - 11/April/2005

Little Ben Interview from Australia's Channel 9 "So Fresh" - 11/April/2005

Official Australian release, and DVD info - 11/April/2005

Ben on US TV - 8/April/2005

Australian release mayhem - 8/April/2005

Order your UK "Songs for Silverman" edition - 7/April/2005

Ben on ABC's Deep End - 7/April/2005

Ben on Australian radio tomorrow - 6/April/2005

Download Ben Folds on Rove! - 5/April/2005

Ben interviewed on Nova 96.9 - 5/April/2005

New letter from Ben, about Songs for Silverman - 4/April/2005

Ben interview and possible DVD clip? - 4/April/2005

Watch and download Ben Folds Landed music video! - 1/April/2005

"Landed" on 6 Music tonight! - 1/April/2005

Get the Channel 7 Sunrise performance here! - 1/April/2005

Or maybe not! - 1/April/2005

And the next single will be... - 1/April/2005

Listen to Songs for Silverman clips - 31/March/2005

And also on Tuesday! - 30/March/2005

Ben on Australian TV this Friday - 30/March/2005

Benvivor IV comes to an exciting finish - 30/March/2005

Ben interview on Perth Radio 92.9 - 28/March/2005

"Video Killed the Radio Star" hits the airwaves - 26/March/2005

Full Australian Landed single details - 24/March/2005

Preview four Songs for Silverman tracks! - 23/March/2005

Songs for Silverman Lyrics online - 22/March/2005

"Songs for Goldfish", the exclusive 10-track CD revealed. - 21/March/2005

Complete WASO recording posted! - 21/March/2005

Ben's interview on Q104 available for download - 21/March/2005

Listen to "Bastard" - 19/March/2005

Mysterious new 10-track CD - 19/March/2005

Ben to appear on NYC station celebration - 18/March/2005

Listen to 'Smoke' performed by Ben and the WASO - 18/March/2005

"Landed" sheet music available - 16/March/2005

Download the WASO programme - 14/March/2005

WASO DVD Confirmed! - 13/March/2005

Ben Folds and the WASO - exclusive info and photos! - 11/March/2005

Oh, Don't forget Folds on Sirius tonight! - 9/March/2005

Ben Folds on the Carson Daly show, April 25th - 9/March/2005

New US Tour Dates Added! - 9/March/2005

And US customers can download "Bitches Ain't Sh*t" - 8/March/2005

UK iTunes users can now buy "Landed" - 8/March/2005

This could be the start of something... - 7/March/2005

Ben Folds' Adelaide on the Hottest 100 CD - 7/March/2005

You can't keep a good board down - 7/March/2005

Studio "Bitches Ain't Sh*t" download, Songs for Silverman formats, and the Whatever and Ever Amen reissue cover art! - 6/March/2005

Songs for Silverman Cover Art. - 6/March/2005

Technical Hitches - 6/March/2005

Another Radio appearance for Mr. Folds - 3/March/2005

Ben in Western Suburbs Weekly - 2/March/2005

New Ben and Shatner added to iTunes - 1/March/2005

Ben Folds Austalian Tour tickets on sale March 4th - 1/March/2005

Ben Folds on 97.3 'The Planet' MP3s, featuring "Late" and "Gracie" - 25/February/2005

Keep Listening... - 22/February/2005

Ben Folds on the radio TODAY again! - 21/February/2005

Download Ben's appearance on "Live at Five", including "Late" and "You to Thank" - 19/February/2005

Benvivor IV gets physical. Kind of. - 18/February/2005

Ben Folds on the radio TODAY! (And a huge pile of MP3s to download). - 18/February/2005

Download "Bitches Ain't Sh*t" and the rest of the Norman show set! - 17/February/2005

'Landed' CD single roundup, Ben Folds gets cold-called, and the latest from Benvivor. - 16/February/2005

Whatever and Ever Amen reissue tracklisting revealed! - 12/February/2005

Australia gets "Songs for Silverman" early. And a DVD. And a booklet. - 11/February/2005

Preorder "Songs for Silverman" and the Whatever and Ever Amen reissue today! - 9/February/2005

Benvivor kicks off today! - 7/February/2005

Download Ben Folds on Triple J - 4/February/2005

New Ben Folds Tour announced for Australia! - 4/February/2005

Benvivor signups close today! - 3/February/2005

Ben Folds on the radio again! - 2/February/2005

Buy Ben Folds "Landed" on iTunes (and other download services) - 1/February/2005

Ben Folds on Air America, and Adelaide/Common People hit the Triple J charts! - 1/February/2005

Ben hits the airwaves to promote "Songs for Silverman" - 29/January/2005

Whatever and Ever Amen reissue confirmed, and official release dates! - 28/January/2005

Sony pull Ben Folds Landed promo CDs off eBay! - 27/January/2005

Songs for Silverman tracklist, release date, and more! - 26/January/2005

It's coming back... - 25/January/2005

Ben Folds Landed - listen exclusively here! - 24/January/2005

"Landed" cover art and release date speculation... - 24/January/2005

New single landing this month; Album to follow in April. - 19/January/2005

The Ben Folds Live Transcription Challenge! - 18/January/2005

Ben's New Album has a name! - 17/January/2005

Vote for Ben - 7/January/2005

Ben Folds apollo tickets go on sale today! - 15/December/2004

New London Date - 13/December/2004

Ben Folds UK Tour postponed? - 10/November/2004 posts info on Ben Folds' new album! - 4/November/2004

Clem Snide confirmed - 4/November/2004

Vote Ben Folds 2004! - 1/November/2004

UK Tour support announced - 28/October/2004

Leno performance video! - 25/October/2004

LA kicks up a storm! - 25/October/2004

LA gig clarification... - 22/October/2004

Folds *and* Shatner to perform in LA tonight? - 21/October/2004

Folds, Shatner and Jackson on Leno - 20/October/2004

Ben Folds Campaigns for Young Voter Awareness - 1/October/2004

Further Super D-lays - 30/July/2004

Super D cover art - 12/July/2004

Ben Folds Super D release date announced! - 2/July/2004

NYC signing/show on July 14th - 2/July/2004

Ben Folds' new album delayed until 2005! - 24/June/2004

Ben Folds' Super D due in "weeks". - 24/June/2004

Ben Folds Tour update - He's coming to Germany! - 11/June/2004

The Truth about Hideaki's Song! - 6/June/2004

New unreleased Ben track "Hideaki's Song" available! - 4/June/2004

Japanese Tour 2004 dates postponed! - 25/May/2004

Japanese Tour 2004 dates announced! - 24/May/2004 - 24/May/2004

All the Ben Folds UK Tour 2004 booking information you'll ever need! - 20/May/2004

BEN FOLDS UK TOUR 2004! - 28/April/2004

Ben Folds Spring Tour 2004 Update - 21/April/2004

Visitor 200,000! - 19/April/2004

More Ben, Rufus and Guster dates announced! - 19/April/2004

First Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright/Guster dates announced! - 16/April/2004

Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright and Guster Summer Tour 2004! - 15/April/2004

Special show at the Bowery Ballroom - 10/April/2004

Chords and NonComm - 8/April/2004

New Bootleg! - Apr 5th 2004 - 6/April/2004

Ben premieres new songs! - 5/April/2004

Official Tour Dates - 18/February/2004

The Bens at Bonnaroo - um, maybe. - 18/February/2004

Ben Folds on WFUV - 13/February/2004

First Spring '04 date announced! - 5/February/2004

Ben Folds tour 2004! - 12/January/2004

Buy the Bens EP - 12/January/2004

Another "In the Studio" clip on the com. - 24/November/2003

The 'burbs are BACK! - 4/November/2003

Ben Folds on your 'phone! - 29/October/2003

The Bens' "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" song details/lyrics. - 26/October/2003

Sunny 16 reviews. - 25/October/2003

Elliott Smith, rest in peace. - 23/October/2003

New "Ben Folds in the Studio" clip - 17/October/2003

iTunes for Windows! - 16/October/2003

New 'The Bens' song clip! - 16/October/2003

EP and DVD news from Japan! - 16/October/2003

Folds 'Lostapiano' with the Dixie Chicks - 12/October/2003

Lyrics section (finally) brought up-to-date! - 11/October/2003

Sunny 16 cover art to download! - 8/October/2003

Vote for Ben Folds airplay! - 7/October/2003

EP on Australian Radio! - 4/October/2003

Songs of Love makes it at last! - 30/September/2003

Sunny 16 released on iTunes... or is it? - 30/September/2003

Added The Bens MTV video! - 29/September/2003

The Bens on MTV - 28/September/2003

New EP Details! - 19/September/2003

Sunny 16 release date set! - 11/September/2003

Edinburgh musical reviews - 20/August/2003

MSN Chat transcript - 1/August/2003

Speed Graphic - 28/July/2003

Ben recording new album... With John Mark Painter! - 27/May/2003

Little BFF reference. - 30/April/2003

Ben's new album - First rumours. - 16/April/2003

The Bens album and UK festivals! - 26/March/2003

The last track, and cover art - 17/March/2003

Another EP track! - 15/March/2003

The Bens come to the UK? - 14/March/2003

The EP comes to the states - 11/March/2003

Meet the Bens - 6/March/2003

New EP news! - 5/March/2003

No Ben in the UK, but more US dates! - 5/February/2003

The three Bens are coming to the UK! - 2/February/2003

New misinfo! - 26/January/2003

Updates, updates everywhere, and not a drop to drink - 17/January/2003

Ben Folds meet-up! - 28/December/2002

Maybe This Christmas - 6/December/2002

no clever subject line... - 6/December/2002

Attention all potential Providence show goers... - 5/December/2002

US Tour Cancelled. - 3/December/2002

Sad News... - 3/December/2002

Happy (American) Thanksgiving! - 28/November/2002

Win a signed Christmas Decoration! - 15/November/2002

Updates! - 9/November/2002

Ben on NPR - 24/October/2002

Tour-date up-date! - 22/October/2002

The Divine Comedy hit the USA! - 18/October/2002

DVD Problems Resolved! - 15/October/2002

Ben's CBS Appearance - 13/October/2002

New Tour Dates! - 12/October/2002

Manchester gig up! - 12/October/2002

More DVDness - 9/October/2002

DVD Problems... - 9/October/2002

I know, I know... - 9/October/2002

t-minus... - 8/October/2002

Upcoming Radio Appearance - 5/October/2002

No clever subject! But good news! - 5/October/2002

rock this update! - 3/October/2002

bah bah bahhhhhh... - 1/October/2002

Full recording up! - 28/September/2002

Ben Folds and Neil Hannon on Radio 2 - 28/September/2002

Song snafus and updates... - 28/September/2002

2 New Tour Dates Added! - 26/September/2002

Another BFL song posted, and DVD clip posted - 26/September/2002

End of one party... - 20/September/2002

COMfusion... - 20/September/2002

Day 3, Track 3 - 19/September/2002

A track a day helps you work, rest and play! - 19/September/2002

The new tracks - 17/September/2002

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