"So There" goes straight to number 1

26/September/2015 - by Andy

How often do we say this with Ben's albums? Ben & yMusic's new album "So There" has gone straight to #1 on Billboard's classical chart!

Yes, my friends, you've all been buying/streaming a "classical" album. At least from a charting perspective. But honestly who cares? Music is music, and this is GOOD music.

Ben actually wrote a really interesting facebook post about the whole concerto thing which member rocket21 reposted over here on the boards. Gives some great insight into Ben's thinking and experience writing/performing classical and the genre generally.

Oh, on the earlier topic of charts, Ben also went through and ranked his albums (solo and with Ben Folds Five) for Noisey's "Rank your Records" feature. Some really night reflection from the ban behind the music. Makiko copied it over for us, so of course we're now doing our own rankings...

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